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  • Pre-Sale Security Site Survey – Free Risk Assessment is conducted comprising of a detailed site survey. Based on the site survey, observed risk level and products required a cost is estimated to ensure a complete 4D Security Solution.

  • Installation - Free Standard Installation is provided. The product is installed by the trained technician after delivery of products. The technician will explain the basic operation of the Security System Products.

  • Warranty - The Goods are warranted against the defects arising from faulty designs, workmanship and material for 12 months from the date of installation or 15 months from the date of sales. Whichever is earlier subject to terms and conditions applicable.

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The Video Door Phone with a Colour Monitor understands that you want to keep your home secure and safe from unwanted visitors. The monitor and the door entry panel are already programmed and ready for installation!. Choose different melodies, customise the monitor’s settings, record videos and capture images of your visits and all of this in a single Kit.

Intercom- Establish communication with another installed monitor inside the house. In the 2 apartments kit the option to call to another apartment is available as well.

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