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ACS are an essential tool in restricting and monitoring the movement of employees within the business facility. The systems use a variety of authentication mechanisms including keycards and biometrics to grant access to the different areas within the organization.

Remote Accessing Facilities

Access Control Systems(ACS)

  • Standalone Access Control System - Normally standalone systems are the single door access system. This type of systems comes with various credential authentications like access through RF card punch, access through PIN number and access through biometric finger print.

  • Network Access Control System - Network access control systems come with TCP IP protocol. This system has variety of models such as single, four and eight door controllers in a single panel. This type of systems can support two types of Wigand bit 26 and 32.

  • Biometric Access Control System - Time and Attendance systems are commonly used in all type of organization, schools, shops, industries, etc…we can fetch the exact report in terms of department wise, employees wise so on. You can keep your customize timing for lunch and break. Normally we can give admin rights to human resource officer.

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